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Training Dais is based on knowledge and value it brings organization. Organizations are expected to deliver results within tight budget and schedule. Doing things at right time is needed for today’s work. In view of these factors, availability of trained and experienced resources has become all the more imperative to have an edge over the competition.

We are in this industry for the past 16 years and our goal to set it up was to offer a program to students, many of whom couldn’t study abroad today because of class schedules or obligations in their college we make them understand and make them fit other schedules and be less expensive than some of the other programs.TEI Study Abroad Office has several demo sessions scheduled to make them understand the career details. For information on scholarships, visit the Office here.Our program to help these students find a way to study abroad, and it has been so successful that the university can be chosen.

Today our  programs which provides study-abroad funding and other support for young people who are the first in their families to attend college, has success in Inclusion in International Education  from the organization.

The company’s strength lies in deep understanding of technologies and markets backed by wide experience in domestic and international sales and marketing.



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