Awareness about insurance

Insurance is the way to manage from risks. Insurance is cover for life, machine and buildings. When you thing of insurance you give some premium amount for the insurance company as fee towards your savings. As we cannot have hefty amounts we go for the insurance companies. Insurance companies will invest the amount securely towards government bonds, shares, and the amount is grown and the amount is given as claim towards need. Simply saying insurance is used to protect family, business, dependents and legacy

Insurance can help us in many ways, Provide security to the family in the event of death. Maintain the standard of living if you become disabled or critical illness, cover health card as paying your amount for insurance.Insurance in India is growing.

Insurance companies provides insurance through managed services, developing and managing a variety of databases on its behalf, deploying experience and providing access to varied skills by working with companies

Life Insurance is a written contract between the insured and the insurer, that provides the payment of the assured sum on the day of maturity or on the unfortunate event.

General insurance or non-insurance policies, include any policies referred by automobile policies and house own policies provide payment depending on the financial event

Some types of General Insurance like health, automobile, business, fire India insurance awarness is growing

Health insurance-Safeguards one’s health, some examples are med claim policy, personal accident, group accident

Business insurance-covers for goods and plant and machinery. Some of the insurance covers marine insurance, public liability insurance

Automobile insurance- it is used to take the cover to the risk to owner, vehicle and third party.

Fire insurance-this is used to cover the loss from profit and property

It is always better to get protected against certain uncertainties as we cannot predict accidents,
especially when going on foreign trips. So when emergency we can take the problems.

There are companies 24 companies towards insurance, these are all bounded by IRDA,these companies like Max newyork life insurance,Religare health insurance ,Royal sundaram for general insurance

Medical Insurance in india is getting good awareness today.lot of People today are taking the best health insurance policy like Max bupa,Religare Health insurance and royal sundaram.

Today in Corporates has the Best policy in India which is done in on-line or by the agent.The agent takes cares of the Queries which can can  handled.

In Religare has products like Care,Enhance,Care Freedom,joy these are the products for health insurance in india and for  best health insurance policy we can take travel insurance Explore,Student explore,and for fixed insurance plans we have Assure and secure .

IRDA is an autonomous body set up under the IRDA Act,

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