Awareness about Types of Recruitment Services

Temporary / Contract / Interim

The introduction of a candidate to take up a position on a temporary basis. When a successful absorption has been made the candidate is usually paid by the recruitment business (Ex assuming weekly) in regular intervals and subsequently invoices the client.

The term Temporary is usually used to describe a position that has no predetermined end date Temporary is used for blue-collar or skilled workers towards recruitment

The term Contract is usually used to descried a position that has a predetermined start and end date, contract is used in association with professional and senior hires.

The term interim can be used to describe both of the above and or to describe a hire to fill in a skills gap for a predetermined period such as to cover maternity or paternity leave or prolonged illness.



A candidate can take up a position within a client’s business on a permanent contract. The permanent candidate is paid by the client on a regular basis.


On a contingency basis the recruitment consultants will work to match their pool of candidates to their clients’ open positions.  Candidates found suitable are short-listed and put forward for an interview with potential employers on a direct or may be contract basis.

Retained Search

Search is the most targeted approach to recruitment and is often used to find more senior candidates. A client will pay the recruitment business a portion of the fee before the search for the right candidate has started.

An Assignment will always involve targeted headhunting, where potential candidates are called, usually at work, to be persuaded to attend an interview Retained Assignment are nearly always for permanent positions.

For senior roles we go for head hunting. Search is the most targeted approach to recruitment and should if undertaken properly produce the lowest ratios in terms of number of applicants to successful placements made. However, it is the slowest form of recruitment, taking a minimum of 10-12 weeks on average, and is the most expensive.